Top Selfie Locations for R’n’R Savannah

One thing I love about a race weekend is taking advantage of quality scenery to get the best selfies out of the run.  Some people may argue that there are more important things during a race than a quality midrun selfie, some may try to convince you that the best finish time possible is the most important part of a race.  That person doesn’t know the feeling of capturing the perfect moment in selfie mode.  Here are the top Selfies Stops along the RnR Savannah course.

  • The Selfie of Strength

The ritualistic pre race selfie taken from the starting corrals.  Be certain you wait until it is almost your corrals turn to start the race, that way everyone can clearly see the start line banner behind you.  You’ve worked hard and trained hard (probably) to get to the start line of this race.  Show off online that you had the courage to get here! This is also when you have the highest chance of not looking sweaty and gross.  Be sure to get it posted before crossing the timing mat!


Bonus points if you can get a selfie with the Savannah Cotton Exchange as your backdrop as well.  It’s located to your right while standing in your corral.


  • The Selfie of Determination

Just before reaching Mile 6 of the both the full and half marathon course you will run past St. John the Baptist Cathedral.  A beautiful cathedral constructed in the late 19th century.  This selfie showcases the determination to continue forward.  If you’re running the half it shows that you are almost halfway to the finish line.  If you’re running the full marathon this selfie says “Almost finished with my warm up.”


The Selfie of Courage

  • My favorite selfie of any race day is crossing the finish line.  Usually, I turn around backward as I cross to get the best angle of what it looks like from the front just before crossing. (This also doesn’t get in the way of immediately stopping my GPS watch after finishing)  A lot of people will try to snap one after finishing with the finish banner behind them, but remember there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a stopping place after crossing the finish line.  Usually you are being ushered through to collect your finisher medal and you DO NOT want to delay getting that thing around your neck!IMG_1522.JPG


The Selfie of Accomplishment

  • The most iconic fountain in Savannah is located near the finish line in Forsyth Park.  This fountain was constructed in 1858 and designed to resemble those found in Paris at Place de la Concorde.  This is the perfect backdrop for the coveted finisher medal selfie.  Squeeze your face, your medal, and this gorgeous fountain into your square and snap the perfect selfie to showcase your accomplishment of finishing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon or Half Marathon!



Once you’ve wrapped up your post race celebrations be sure to head over to Morrell Park and snag a selfie with your finisher medal in front of the Waving Girl statue featured on the Marathon & Half-Marathon finish medals.