Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon Recap

We arrived at the start festival area about an hour and a half before the race kicked off. I had eaten a light breakfast and a late lunch and spent the day hydrating in reparation for the evening event. After making out way into the starting village I made my way to gear check, took a few pictures, and spent 30ish minutes in line for a porta potty. I said my goodbyes to Brooklyn as we made our way to our corrals. The pre race activities were crowded but there was a decent pre race concert featuring the All American Rejects. Did you know they were still a band?

I took about fifteen minutes to stretch and a few more to warm up as I mad my way to my corral. I found a group of runners looking to run a similar time and we awaited the start. The first mile ran south along Las Vegas Blvd before curving around and heading north on the strip. In typical fashion I had to stop and take advantage of a quality photo opportunity.


Miles 1-8 ran north down the strip passing by all of the landmark sites that are iconic to Las Vegas. The streets were packed with runners and the sidelines loaded with spectators sending great energy to the runners passing by. Coming off the strip we made a quick 1 mile loop to the east to come back around to Fremont St. and across the north end of the strip where the half course split off around mile 9.5.20131209-092010.jpg


As to be expected, following the split the running crowd became a lot thinner. However, for the time being the spectators remained strong and supportive as we ran through the covered district of Fremont St past the Golden Nugget.


Mile 11 started the 3 mile stretch heading north on MLK Blvd. it was dark out and lighting was limited along the course. There was zero crowd support at the point and the water stations seemed to be getting further apart. I crossed the halfway mark at 1:36:42, a new PR for 13.1!

We reached the turn around mark at the intersection of MLK and W. Br


ooks and began to head south on the dimly lit journey back to the city of lights. (I’m sure there’s irony there) We turned on to W. Carey Ave for a down and back stretch from mile 15-18. This was the part of the race that began to cause issues for me. Just before mile 16 I felt my heart rate spike thus began an unsuccessful 10 mile attempt at correcting the issue.

I shortened my stride and began to take interspersed walking breaks, which only led to muscle cramps and pains in my quads. The course back tracked starting at mile 19 heading south on MLK and on to Fremont before heading back on to the strip. At Mile 21 I was starting to recognize the signs of dehydration in my body and found myself walking more that running. The course circled around the Stratosphere and rejoined the half marathon runners at mile 24 for the final stretch back down the strip and crossed the finish line in front of Ceasar’s Palace.


Brooklyn had been waiting in the finish area and found me almost immediately. We made our way to gear pick up, watched the fountain show outside of The Bellagio, and walked back through Ceasar’s Palace to the hunt for the car in the parking garage before heading out for the post race In -N- Out Burgers.



Race results:
Finish – 4:10:02

  • Overall – 982/2958
  • Male – 741/1878
  • Division – 81/208




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