Rolling Along

Back in December I made the decision to take advantage of an opportunity that was presented to me.  After taking an audition I was offered a position playing trombone with the 41st Army Band.  On December 23, I went through a physical and processing and was sworn into the U.S. Army as Specialist Joe B. Raymond III.



Over the last 5 months I have been playing with the band among other various activites preparing for a second career as a member of the Armed Forces.  After preparing all that I can at home I am facing my final weekend before departing for Army Basic Training.  I leave Monday morning for Fort Sill in Oklahoma.  11 weeks of training and I’ll be back just in time to start the school year back at work.  It makes for a long summer, but not one that you’ll completely miss out on.

I found a remarkable website called Future Tweets  that allows you to schedule tweets in advance.  I spent a little bit of time over the last few weeks adding to my personal set of future tweets.  Messages will go out everyday about various things, I may even pop up in a run Chat or two over the summer.  If you didn’t know I was at basic training you’d think I was hiding in a corner somewhere staring at my phone screen.

I look forward to recapping various experiences when I return, unfortunately they don’t allow me to bring my GoPro to capture all the action from basic training.


To keep up with the 41st Army Band check out their Facebook page.

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