runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Medals

runDisney fans have had plenty of action in the last week for their mouths to water over. Registration for the Star Wars Half Marathon next January in Disneyland went on sale at 12pm eastern time on Tuesday, and was promptly sold out before I finished my lunch. The Rebel Challenge (running both the Star Wars 10k & Star Wars Half Marathon) sold out in an astonishing 26 minutes! Which as usual led to lots of complaining on the Internet about people not being able to get into the races. It’s sad to see people not get into the race or races they wanted to, but by now we’re all aware of how crazy registration is for almost every runDisney event. (2015 Goofy Challenge is only 72% full still!)

Then Friday afternoon runDisney released images for the 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon medals including the 5k, 10k, & Dumbo Double Dare designs.

Firstly, the Dumbo Double Dare medal design is great! Very bold and colorful. The 2013 DDD medal is one of my favorites on my wall. With runDisney medals turning their designs over year after year it’s nice to see the DL Half medal staying true to its design for the 9th year by only adding the ring around the D design. The big change here are the 5k & 10k design races moving to a Lilo & Stitch design from last year’s Alice in Wonderland designs. Personally, I’d take a Wonderland medal any day but there is a lot of excitement about the theme change for the year. This could also potentially mean a revolving theme for each year, which in turn would generate even more interest to run the race weekend year after year.