runDisney Medal Releases

Over the last couple of weeks runDisney has released images and artwork for a handful of its 2016 events.  As of right now I’m still planning on keeping myself out of the runDisney world next year, but that can be changed with the bling dangling in front of me.

WDW Marathon Weekend headlined by the Dopey Challenge. The Dopey and Goofy medals have a full redesign on them this year & I am in love with the colorful Goofy medal.  I got to see them up close at the NYC expo in November.



Both sets of Star Wars Half Marathon weekend medals have been released also.  The Rebel Challenge set in January at Disneyland & the newly added Dark Side set for WDW’s April race weekend with the bonus Millennium Falcon “Kessel Run Challenge” medal for completing both weekends.  As a member of the Star Wars fanbase and feverishly counting day the days to the release of Force Awakens these medals really look great.  I’m overly jealous of everyone who will be sporting these around next year.  The Star Wars weekend races are on my 2017 agenda, hopefully the designs won’t be altered too much.



There has not been an image release of the Princess weekend medals yet, which seems a bit odd. But the races are sold out so really what’s it matter now?

What are your thoughts on all the runDisney bling? Their race calendar is now flooded with events (4 weekends at WDW, 4 weekends at DL, & 1 at DL Paris), so how much of a point is it to choose your races based on the medals?