School’s Back

Students are back in my classroom and my summer hiatus has officially ended. As I try to get back into the swing of the school year here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to this summer. After running the Hatfield McCoy Marathon in June I took running lightly. Not logging more than 5-6 miles at a time throughout June & July to allow my muscles proper resting time and have fresh legs as I gear up for the new race season. I have run 6 half and 6 full marathons since late November and I really needed to take things easy for a bit to avoid the oncoming running burn out that was coming. I had a few adventures over the last two months and some major life events.

At the beginning of July I flew out to Los Angeles to spend a week on the west coast visiting with friends. We had an F3 gathering at Dodger Stadium as we talked running, races, and food while we watched the Dodgers lose abysmally to the Indians.


The next day Brooklyn and I drive down to San Diego for an afternoon Padres game and met with Carlee afterwards for dinner. I have followed Carlee (@carleemcdot) for months via twitter, Instagram, & her blog and it was great to get meet her in person.


No trip to Southern California is complete without a visit to Disneyland. We spent a day walking around California Adventure, taking pictures with all the characters, and cranking our necks around people to see the World of Color. I was lucky enough to sneak away from our group that afternoon and have a few drinks with Linzie, you should also be following his blog, and talk running, racing, and runDisneying. (@seesharprun)




After a few more days in California Brooklyn & I hit the road heading east. We stopped along the way for baseball games in Phoenix, Albuquerque, & Dallas before making it to Mississippi after 4 days on the road. We had a lot of fun on the road and I was able to watch games in several new ballparks, which is always a plus. We had a few unplanned stops along the way too, we visited Cadillac Ranch just outside of Amarillo, TX and made a quick stop in West Monroe, LA at the Duck Commander shop.





All focus is now turning to my very small fall race schedule (only 2 half marathons) and the Phoenix Marathon in February. While I was in Phoenix earlier this month I drive the marathon route and m ore excited than ever about the potential of this race in my hopes of becoming a Boston Marathon qualifier. I have a few runDisney events between now and then also that I will be posting about along the way; Wine & Dine Half Marathon, Dopey Challenge during Marathon weekend, & I’m excited to be running my first Princess Half Marathon and participating in the Glass Slipper Challenge.

Training updates and race countdowns are coming, another year kicks off now!