Setting the Pace

In 2013, I ran the Louisiana Half Marathon and loved every mile of it. It was a great race and a great post race party. Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to run the race again in January thanks to the Half Fanatics. This time I will be the pace group leader for all of those runners looking to break a 2 hour finish.


Officially, I will be in charge of the 2:00 finish, running even splits all the way to the finish. The goal though will be to get my runners across the line before 1:59:59. Running a sub 2 hour half marathon is a major accomplishment and a huge goal for a lot of runners. I’m beyond excited to have the opportunity to push runners across that line. I’ve run 10 sub 2 half marathons and it’s never a relaxing run.

One of the biggest perks about this opportunity is the chance to earn an extra medal a week later. The Louisiana Marathon is teaming up this year with Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans and are offering the Louisiana Double Down Medal for runners who run in both events. I’m already registered for the New Orleans full marathon. So after I cross that finish line I’ll be given this extra medal as well!


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