Sparkle Athletic Giveaway!

In 10 days I will be running in the Mitten Challenge. That is the Wisconsin Marathon on Saturday May 3, and the Kalamazoo Marathon (Michigan) on May 4.

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My first fundraiser for St. Jude was a great success.  All 26 miles of the Wisconsin Marathon are sponsored and Katie Murphy is running with a brand new iPod shuffle and Yurbuds Headphones!

Since I’m running 2 marathons back to back, why not sponsor 2 sets of marathon miles back to back?

This time I’ll be kick starting my fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for participation in the runDisney Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge! This means that I will be running a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon in WDW January 8-11.


Starting today you can claim one or more of the miles for the Kalamazoo Marathon for $10 each.  This time the lovely ladies at Sparkle Athletic have donated a Super Sparkle Prize Pack that includes a skirt and visor of your color choice! It’s no secret that I love running in my Sparkle Gear and I’m excited to help give someone a new color span to run in.  The same procedures apply this time around.


You pick a mile of the marathon to claim as your own for a $10 donation to St. Jude and your name gets entered into the drawing. Feel free to donate more than $10 or pick more than 1 mile. Once all 26 miles are sold I will have the drawing for the Sparkle Athletic Super Sparkle Prize Pack.

Here’s how it works

  1. Donate directly to my St. Jude Hero Fundraising Page. (You must make a donation to receive a first entry.
  2. In the donation notes, post what Mile you would like to claim as your own.
  3. Once your donation is received, I will update this post with your name

If you can’t donate at this time, I understand. Believe me there will be many opportunities over the next few months.  Please take the time and share the
giveaway picture and help spread the word that it only takes a few dollars to help battle childhood cancers.

do good stuff.

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Kalamazoo Marathon

Sponsor a Mile

1 – Carlee McClurg (@CarleeMcDot)

2 – Christina Dunn (@Scrinina)

3 – Casey Chernesky (@caseyruns)

4 – Katie Murphy (@katiemurphy33)

5 – Emily Harmer

6 – Linzie Starr (@seesharprun)

7 – Carlee McClurg (@CarleeMcDot)

8 – Ginger Mills (@PrettyTriGirl)

9 – Sarah Phillips

10 –  Krissy Murphy (@krissymmurphy)

11 – Jennifer Pelham (@Jen_wp)

12 – Linzie Starr (@seesharprun)

13 – Hollie Hinton (@hhinton38103)

14 – Carlee McClurg (@CarleeMcDot)

15 – Sandy Segawa 

16 – Jennifer Pelham (@Jen_wp)

17 – Kari Klein (@k_klein23) 

18 – Emily Harmer

19 – Hollie Hinton (@hhinton38103)

20 – Krissy Murphy (@krissymmurphy)

21 – Carlee McClurg (@CarleeMcDot)

22 – Elise Wallace (@cupcakeactivist)

23 – Katie Murphy (@katiemurphy33)

24 – Christina Dunn (@Scrinina)

25 – Erin Tierney (@ErinTtweeting)

26 – Carlee McClurg (@CarleeMcDot)

.2 – Ginger Mills (@PrettyTriGirl)