Spring Race Planning

When choosing which marathons to add to my calendar several important factors come into play.  For me personally I am always looking for new states that I have not completed a marathon in and also new baseball parks to watch games.  Fulfilling both of these bucket list items are important and valuable in the decision making process.  I had a handful of races I was trying to choose between for April, May, & June and was having trouble doing so until yesterday.  Yesterday Major League Baseball released the 2015 regular season schedule.  Here’s how it breaks down with Baseball & Marathon Planning.  Comparing the Potential Race Guide to the MLB schedule looks a little like this.

GO! St. Louis Marathon – April 12, 2015; The Cardinals are playing in Cincinnati.

Garmin Marathon in the Land of Oz – April 18, 2015; The Royals are playing at home against the Athletics.

Boston Marathon – April 20, 2015; The Red Sox are playing at home against the Orioles.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon – May 3, 2015; The Pittsburgh Pirates are playing in St. Louis.

Flying Pig Marathon – May 3, 2015; The Cincinnati Reds are playing in Atlanta.

Delaware Marathon – May 10, 2015; The Phillies are playing at home against the Mets.

Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon – May 17, 2015; The Indians are playing against in Dallas.

Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon – May 31, 2015; The Padres are playing at home against the Pirates.

Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon – June 13, 2015; The Mariners are playing in Houston.

San Francisco Marathon – July 26, 2015; The Giants are playing at home against the Athletics.


So this allowed me to limit down my races to a few selections and I’m excited to say that I have decided to run the Garmin Marathon in April! This Wizard of Oz themed race through Olathe, Kansas looks fun and exciting on top of also being a flat & fast course.   Couple that with a great Marathon Maniac discount code for registration and it’s a win win situation for everybody! Time to start brainstorming costume ideas!

2014 Garmin Marathon Finisher Medal
2014 Garmin Marathon Finisher Medal