St. Jude 2014 Fundraising Kickoff

Today marks the opening of fundraising for the 2014 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend. Be sure to check my recaps of the 2012 St. Jude Marathon and the 2013 St. Jude Half Marathon!

This year I have set an overall goal of $5,000 between 2 events, the Memphis Marathon and the runDisney Goofy Challenge. Thanks to friends and family members over the last 2 years we have raised just over $2,000 in donations each year so this is a huge goal for me and I’m excited about getting started.

To jump start fundraising I’m giving away a pair of Yurbuds Sport Headphones! These are the same set that I run in everyday complete with microphone, neoprene case, and extra set of plugs to adjust to for your ears.
Here’s how to get your hands on them.

On May 3 I am running the Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha, WI. You pick a mile of the marathon to claim as your own for a $10 donation to St. Jude and your name gets entered into the drawing. Feel free to donate more than $10 or pick more than 1 mile. Once all 26 miles are sold I will have the drawing for the Yurbuds.

Here’s how it works

  1. Leave a comment in this post telling me what mile/landmark you’d like to sponsor.
  2. Donate directly to my St. Jude Hero Fundraising Page. (You must make a donation to receive a first entry.
  3. Once your donation is received, I will update this post with your name
  4. For an additional entry after your donation has been made please share my giveaway photo.  I will give up to two extra entries if you tweet the picture and post it on your instagram. Be sure to tag me in it @JoeBRaymond and include the following hashtags #StJudeHero #run8va #DoGoodStuff in your post, then comment back on this post to let me know you’ve posted it.

If you can’t donate at this time, I understand. Believe me there will be many opportunities over the next few months.  Please take the time and share the giveaway picture and help spread the word that it only takes a few dollars to help battle childhood cancers.

do good stuff.


 Wisconsin Marathon Pick A Mile

1 – Katie Murphy (@katiemurphy33)

2 –

3 – Katie Windham

4 –

5 – Katie Windham 

6 –

7 –

8 –

9 –

10 –

11 –

12 –

13 – Katie Murphy (@katiemurphy33)

14 – Cati Diaz 

15 – Brooklyn Thorson (@brooklynthorson)

16 –

17 – Elina Diaz

18 –

19 –

20 –

21 –

22 –

23 – Jen Fletcher (@jedijen11)

24 – Jen Fletcher (@jedijen11) 

25 –

26 – Katie Murphy (@katiemurphy33)