Steam Whistle 12k Recap

When looking back in 2014 I noticed that I only ran in half or full marathons, not a single 5k,10k, etc. I hate that I hadn’t participated in a local event all year without realizing it. To help correct this for 2015, Brooklyn & I kicked off New Year’s Day by running the Steam Whistle 12k. It was put on by Pine Belt Pacers, the local running club, along the Longleaf Trace. This was a last minute decision to run, I actually didn’t hear about the race until New Year’s Eve. We were out celebrating NYE with friends and were up early (seems to be the story of all of my races lately) to make the drive to Hattiesburg.

We arrived early at the race site to register and pick up bibs. Then it was back to the car for a half hour nap. Once we finally made it out of the car I took a few minutes to warm up the legs then made my way to the start line. The course was a back and out run totaling at right at 7.44 miles. I took off at the start and was moving pretty quick as the field thinned out in front of me and we pulled away from the pack.


I was averaging just under 7 minute miles coming up on the 5k mark. This was when I decided to see how much I could push on the 10k time. I’m hoping to run the Crescent City 10k in New Orleans this year, but I need a 45 minute 10k finish to qualify so I’m hoping to pull that time this week in Disney World. I pushed while I could while heading back to the finish line. After a quick wave to Brooklyn on my way by I pushed to the finish chute finishing the race at 52:09! With an average pace of a 7:00 mile at the end of the race I’m well on pace to qualify for the CCC.


Post race I waited for Brooklyn to come through the finish then we waited with my mom for the awards ceremony. I finished 9th overall & 3rd in my age group! We got these super fun train banks as age group awards!