Streaking for St. Jude Challenge

Can I get at least $10 in donations to benefit St. Jude every day?

I have wanted to do a nice long run streak for a long time.  That is logging at least 1 mile a day, 7 days a week.  I have tried this a few times before over the last couple of years and the longest I made it was 40 days during the summer of 2012.  It started with a little run on Memorial Day and concluded with a the Fun In the Sun Marathon in Long Beach, CA.

Beginning on May 1, I am going to start a new run streak with no ending time line in sight. Here’s my challenge for everyone else. I want to see which streak lasts longer, my run streak or your donation streak. The goal is to run everyday and gain at least $10 in donations every day. There are 250 days between May 1 & the start of the WDW Dopey Challenge in January. That’s a goal of streaking $2,500 in donations to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Goals are set, no days without donations& no days without lacing up and picking up miles.

Are you up for it?

do good stuff.