The Power of Love

Exciting things happening in preparation for the 2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. Easy things for planning have all now been taken of. I was thankful to get a response from a national email I sent out to all member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and secured a place to stay in Cleveland! I’m a big fan of couch surfing while in a new town for race day, provides a great opportunity to meet new people also. Then to make Runcation planning easier Southwest had a special last week as a pre Valentine’s Day sale. I was thrilled to take advantage if the sale and booked round trip airfare to Cleveland for under $140! The down side to this is that I’m flying in and out of Nashville so I’ll have to drive a few hours to the airport. This is well worth it though considering every flight I saw coming out of Jackson was $260 one way. Now all that is left is to purchase tickets for the Cleveland Indians game and check out pricing for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Training has kicked off in full force over the last couple of weeks. I feel that I am close to fully recovered from the handful of races I ran in January and easy to push the tempo of each of my runs to get ready to PR in Cleveland.

This weeks plan is as follows
Monday: Steady State Run 7:45/mile pace for 30 minutes
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: 3 mile Valentine’s Day Matchmaker Run
Thursday: cross training
Friday: Hill intervals
Saturday: 5k in Biloxi, MS
Sunday: Easy Recovery Jog 9:30/mile pace

I’m looking forward to backing off the mileage a little bit this weekend and getting to really push myself against the clock in a 5k this weekend when I visit my parents on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Product reviews are coming up this week on the blog. New Shoes, new socks, new shave.