The Taper

The taper is my least favorite part of training. I always have to balance out the mileage and fight the feeling of laziness mixed with still eating on extra calories during training weeks. As exciting as race day is, race week is the worst. Today, I went to the expo today for the Mississippi Blues Marathon. My race recap over the weekend will have a more detailed review, but if the race organizers want to playbill this as the biggest running event in the state they should really work harder to have more than 10 vendors set up around the convention center, most of which are local shops and services. Branch out people! Go to other expos, rinse and repeat. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. I’m no businessman, but that’s not the way to generate funds. Then there is the medal… As you know I’m a bit over addicted to the race medal. Last years Blues Marathon boasted a finishers medal that was gigantic, and this year’s medal for the full finishers is sure to not disappoint.


I’m geared up for the half marathon this weekend and then just a handful of days before flying down to Orlando to run the Goofy Challenge.

2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Blogger Badge is up! Training schedule coming soon after Disney.