This week & the 55 after this one

This year has almost passed and here I am going from dreading my first 20 mile training run a year ago to having 5 marathon medals and a 4:01 PR. 2013 brings new goals, new aspirations, & many new opportunities. First & foremost the great staff at Fleet Feet Sports – Jackson have given me the opportunity to be a pacer for their training programs for the Rock n Roll New Orleans & Nashville marathons. This programs provides people in the area to train in a large or small group of runners both beginners and more advanced. Organized by projected pace groups with two weekly runs per week. This is a great way to get over the fear of tackling your first half or full marathon. If you are in the Central Mississippi area & are interested in Rocking New Orleans or Nashville you can get more information or sign up for the training groups at the Fleet Feet website by following this link. Be sure to tell them Joe sent you.

I’ve posted my 2013 race schedule that I have mapped out this far. This may change as the year progresses but as of now here’s what I’m looking at.
5 – Mississippi Blues Half Marathon
11 – Walt Disney World Half Marathon
12 – Walt Disney World Marathon
19 – Louisiana Half Marathon

2 – Tuscaloosa Half Marathon
17 – Georgia Marathon

19 – Cleveland Marathon

1 – Disneyland Half Marathon

6 – Twin Cities Marathon (if I don’t get into Chicago)
13 – Chicago Marathon

Disneyland half is purely because I’m jealous of all my friends and their Coast to Coast Challenge medals. The debate between Twin Cities and Chicago is based purely on which race I can get into before registration sells out. Fingers crossed on both of those.

This week is moderately light as I’m working the beginning of the pacer group at fleet feet for low mileage and Anna has decided to run her first half in March so we’re in low mileage there as well as I help her train. Just a little upkeep as Disney approaches.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 6
Thursday – 4
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 6 (with Fleet Feet) 4 alone
Sunday – 16 (quality Goofy training)

QOTW: What is your most anticipated race for 2013?


    1. Cleveland. You should check into that one. With Nike in DC, Cleveland, & one more within a month you would qualify for Marathon Maniacs. I’m tweeting this to you also

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