Under 40

The countdown is on until the 2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.  With just 39 days left until race day I am focused and goal orientated kicking off the month of April.  I have 40 days of eating right. 40 days of not skipping a run.  40 days of not missing cross training.  40 days of pushing through every mile at the desired pace.  I feel fully recovered from last months Publix Georgia Marathon and am pushing forward to attempt Cleveland in under 3:30:00.  Last week’s training schedule looked like this.

Tuesday night was a 60 minute, 7 mile run along the Natchez Trace with the Fleet Feet Pace Group.  Wednesday night I worked late and ended up on the treadmill at my gym for 6.5 miles in just over an hour’s time.  (treadmill running is always much slower for me than outside running)  Thursday and Friday were both rest days as I was travelling to Atlanta, GA on a field trip with my students for a performance and an Atlanta Braves game. (Go Braves!) Saturday morning was an early morning treadmill run at the hotel in Atlanta.  I logged 3 miles in just over 30 minutes.


Sunday was my race pace long run.  15 miles was my goal when I started the run but decided midrun to bump it up to 16.   I ran along Ross Barnett Resevoir and took little time to rest for water.  I wrapped up the 16 miler in 2:01:36.  I was shooting for 2 hours, but a few hills slowed me down in the last mile or so.


Now I look ahead to this week.  Tonight I have a 60 minute run with Fleet Feet pacing the 12:00 min/mile group. So I should get 5 miles in.  Tomorrow is the April Poker Run at Fleet Feet sports.  Thursday will be a recovery jog, 30-45 minutes at a 9:30-10:00 min/mile pace.  Friday is a rest day.  Saturday I am debating taking part in an 8k in the Mississippi Delta (but I havent made up my mind on this yet).  Sunday will be another long run but at less than race pace.  18 miles are on the schedule and shooting for a time goal of 2:30:00, which should average at around an 8:30 min/mile pace.


In other world news I have finally recieved my pictures from Marathonfoto taken in Georgia so look for that review to be posted in the next day or two. I am also incorporating a new cross training, strength building regiment into my training program.  Last week I lifted 5 days in addition to running my training miles.  Stronger runner = Faster runner.


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