Vegas Racecation 11/19

I left Friday afternoon for New Orleans to catch my flight out west. I love flying Southwest for many reasons, direct flights is one of them! Straight from New Orleans to Las Vegas after just a few hours in the sky. There’s very little that compares to waking up & seeing the Grand Canyon on your right side. The flight offered free wifi & live streaming television from Dish Network. Hello NFL Network.



After landing in Vegas I was picked up by Brooklyn and, per my request, headed straight for In N Out Burger. I never pass up the opportunity to enjoy quality In N Out. Single cheeseburger protein style to kick start my Vegas Racecation. I was lucky enough to stay with Brooklyn’s family About 15 minutes out of the downtown area. Great accommodations and the perfect place to gear up for the race weekend.

Saturday morning Brooklyn and I headed out to meet up with other athletes from Further. Faster. Forever. for a run at Red Rock Canyon park. It was a great time as a dozen of us ran the roads with incredible views and cheered on all the cyclists and runners we passed. Oh yeah, some of us happened to be dressed like superheroes. The first ever F3 Vegas Superhero 5k was followed immediately by the first ever F3 Dunkin Doughnuts smashing. I couldn’t ask for better teammates. If you don’t already follow F3 you are missing out on a great place for inspiration.


20131119-094753.jpgSaturday afternoon was full of hustle and crowdedness as we squeezed. Around the race expo. Packed from wall to wall with vendors, displays, and runners with their families left very little room and lots of long lines to wait in. I was told this was the first year that the expo was held in the convention center, maybe this location was a bit to small or maybe they didn’t utilize their space efficiently. Very little interesting things happened here, although I did find a little sparkle to finish off my race outfit for Sunday night. Thanks Sparkle Athletic! #TeamSparkle20131119-094825.jpg

Saturday night was the first ever F3 National Meet-up. I can’t express how great it was meeting all the people that I have interacted with via social media for almost a year. We met at an Ale House just outside of town and spent the evening eating, drinking, and meeting. Door prizes were given and I’m glad to say that the table we were at dominated! So much so that other people would run over to our table and almost immediately have their raffle number called. I walked away with a $15 voucher for a new Road id, which is great because I have been meaning to pick up a new one for a few months now. Back at home, we spent an hour or so relaxing in the hot tub before sleeping on Sunday to get ready for Sunday night’s race.