Vegas Racecation

I’m heading to Nevada in November to run Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon!

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My favorite term coined by Ali at MSPrun is the only term that comes close to describing my newest addition to my race calendar. I was planning on running my next marathon in Little Rock in March, but while I was out in Disneyland this past weekend I met with a handful of people from Further Faster Forever for lunch at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. They were talking about how great the national F3 meet up was going to be in Las Vegas during the marathon weekend, and I’m a sucker for race peer pressure. So I registered for the race and booked my flights.


The marathon starts at 4:30pm so everything is lit up as you come down the iconic Vegas Strip to the finish. I am very excited to get out there and knock off state #9 from my list. This also means it’s time to really start knocking back marathon training. I have been focused on Dumbo Training the last few months and haven’t been carrying high mileage necessary for proper marathon training. All of that changes now! Wish me luck as I start to tackle Marathon #9!


P.S. Also this means 10 weeks of quotes from National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation. Prepare yourself.

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