Watching the Tinkerbell 10k

After work Friday and a late flight to Los Angeles that night I was less than excited for the 4 am wake up Saturday morning. Why am I waking up this early when I’m not even running this race?! I have never been a spectator before for a race and was looking forward to cheering on my friends. As the masses were making their way to the corrals I caught a couple friends and wished them well. It was nice to see Linzie for a few minutes before I found a nice spot to lean against a rail and wait for runners to come by. It just happened to be right next to the finish line. There was a giant screen set up so I was able to watch the start line festivities and the waves of runners at the start line.

via Instagram @SharpEndurance
via Instagram @SharpEndurance


After all the runners were across the start line the fun switched to the finish line announcer stand where I was standing directly across the street from. Carissa was on the microphone and giving updates to the leader of the 10k. When he came around the final turn and across the line I started cheering, and I didn’t stop for the next 2 hours! It was an incredible time. I yelled for every friend I knew, every name I could read, every costume I saw.

@SDJoshuaRuns & @GingerDiane coming to the finish


The support that exists in the running community is one of the things that I admire the most about it and it was great to sit on the other side of the fence for a change. I was able to snap a few pictures of friends coming across the line and even a few characters hanging around too. As the race wrapped up I was able to meet up Fiona from TrD, she brought treats.


I had to leave early to make it to the race expo. I still had to pick up my race bib and really wanted to make it into the line for the runDisney New Balance shoes. Last year I stood in line for hours to get my paper slip for shoes, to stand in line for hours with shoes in my hand waiting to pay for them. The new system this year is great! Yes I sat in line for an hour, but only because I was there an hour before they were letting people in. After the line starts moving I quickly made my way into a room where I put in my name and contact information into an iPad and was told see you in 90 minutes. When it was my time I walked to the New Balance booth at the expo, picked up my shoes, and paid for them all within about 10 minutes. I loved the look and feel of the Goofy shoes. I hope to be very happy with the purchase.

New Balance Goofy runDisney shoes complete with Hidden Mickeys
New Balance Goofy runDisney shoes
complete with Hidden Mickeys

After the New Balance visit I stopped by the Sparkle Athletic booth to say hello and thank you to Kelly, Elise, and Carrie. These 3 girls have been super supportive the last few months and haven’t had the chance to meet them all. I was set and ready to sparkle during the half next day.

After the expo I spent the rest of the day in California Adventure. Taking character pictures, riding rides, and visiting with friends.