Weekly Workout Recap

This past week I started following the FIRST 3plus2 training plan. I started in the last 5 weeks of a marathon training plan because that is how long until my next marathon on June 14. The training plan includes 3 running days and 2 high cardio cross training days. Each workout has a set time and pace goal to ensure proper development and training.

My Monday workout was cycling. I used a stationary bike at my gym early in the morning before heading to work. 5 minutes easy pace, 15 minutes tempo ride, 5 minutes easy pace, 15 minutes tempo, 5 easy paced. I totaled at just over 11.5 miles in the 45 minutes on the bike.

Tuesday is track day to focus on doped work. The goal was to run 3 1600 meter repeats at 6:30/mile pace with 400 meter rest interval.


Wednesday was water work. 20 lengths of the pool on the kick board with 30 seconds rest interval.

Thursday is tempo run day. The goal was 10 minute warm up run, 10 miles at 8:00/mile pace, 10 minute cool down.


Saturday is set aside for the long run. The goal was 15 miles at an 8:00/mile pace. I woke up an hour later thanks to go planned and was running short on time, I had to meet a friend to go see the new Godzilla movie, so I had to cut the run short to 13 miles to shower first.