Weekly Workout Recap 4/7-13

Monday – 12 miles, avg. 7:48/mile, 1 hour weight training
Tuesday – 3.1 miles, avg. 8:14/mile, 1 hour weight training
Wednesday – 5 miles, avg. 8:15/mile
Thursday – 10 miles, avg. 8:00/mile
Friday – 5 miles, avg. 8:21/mile
Saturday – hills, 6.5 miles, avg. 8:42/mile
Sunday – much needed rest day

Right on pace for my April Goal of 150 total miles. I’ve got a busy week ahead at work so hopefully I can keep the legs moving. I am a little behind on my goal to reach 1,500 miles for the month, but I should catch up over the next 2 months.