Weekly Workout Recap

Last week I began the Beachbody Fitness DVD program Focus T25 Alpha along with Brooklyn and a neighbor that I work with.  This week I tried to find the balance in the DVD workouts and running by doing the DVDs each morning and running in the evening.  T25 is a 25 minute workout program with a 25 day rotation cycle.


My long run was the disappointment of my week.  The heat and humidity really drug me down during the run, what was supposed to be half marathon pace plus 40 seconds turned into HMP plus a minute and a half.  For the coming week I have adjusted my run schedule to be back on Tuesday (Speed work), Thursday (Tempo run), & Saturday (long run), and have put myself on a Monday – Friday circuit of T25 workouts as opposed to the Friday – Tuesday routine that we had originally started.  Here’s a recap of my week in sweat.


Monday – Focus T25 Alpha Ab Intervals; 5 x 1000m repeats (400m Rest Interval)


Tuesday – Focus T25 Alpha Lower Body Focus Cardio

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Focus T25 Stretch

Friday – 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at Short tempo pace, 1 mile cool down



Saturday –  Focus T25 Alpha Cardio

Sunday – 9 Miles