Weekly Workout Recap

I am stealing this idea from one of my favorite blogs, each week Heather from Through Heather’s Looking Glass posts a quick recap of her weekly workouts.  I have found that I am always blogging about running, but I am also doing other things throughout the week in the gym and elsewhere.  Well… maybe not so much this week, but definitely look for updates.

Monday 9/2 – Labor Your Legs 5k, Hattiesburg, MS 20:47

Tuesday 9/3 – Recover from Dumbo

Wednesday 9/4 – Hour in the pool swimming laps

Thursday 9/5 – 45 minutes lifting weights, 5 miles stationary

bike ride, 3.1 mile run in Waynesboro, 25:27

Friday 9/6 – Rest

Saturday 9/7 – 8 mile run, Laurel, MS, 1:02:32

Sunday 9/8 – Rest

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 9.05.44 PM

Lots of work to do in the pool starting this week, plus I am now training for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon!

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