I’m Going Streaking!


How could I resist?

As summer 2012 began I was just finishing physical therapy coming off my hip flexor injury and starting to push up mileage again. In an effort to keep myself moving I was looking for summer motivation. That was when Runner’s World posted on Twitter about a Run Streak challenge. The goal was to run at least one mile every day from Memorial Day though Independence Day. I thought this was the perfect way to get me moving again be took on the challenge.

I faced difficulties in finding the time each day, especially during traveling days (I’m always on the road in the summer). But I what I noticed the most was that it helped me regulate my diet throughout the day. If I knew I couldn’t run until that evening I knew I couldn’t have that beer at lunch, or those nachos! The run streak kept me focused and training. I started the streak in Mississippi, ran through a Louisiana trip, and wrapped up the last 2 weeks in California.

This years Runner’s World Run Streak starts tomorrow. I’m coupling this with a personal challenge to also I corporate 100 daily push ups and 10-15 minutes of beginning yoga techniques. We’ll see how we’ll those two play out, but I will be running!

Join me in the challenge & follow all the streakers out there on Twitter by searching #RWRunStreak